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Fiberglass Boat Parts

Ensign Sailboat

Boat Construction

STM Industries has built motorboats, sailboats, dinghies and anything in between. We also do expert repair work and guarantee our workmanship. Custom boat parts such as hard-shell bimini tops, hatch covers and other specialty parts can be made for a reasonable price and will last decades. See our Home page for a photo of a beautiful hard-top Bimini we made for a Halberg-Rassy 37.

Ensign Class Sailboat

STM Industries builds the hulls, decks and interior for Ensign Spars, Inc., the licensed manufacturer of the Ensign class twenty-three foot racing sloop and daysailer. With nearly two thousand Ensigns sailing throughout the world, the Ensign class continues to be vibrant and strong.

STM Industries makes the Ensign using vinyl ester resin to minimize osmotic blisters and uses wood only for decorative purposes, having replaced all other components with composite board and supports. The STM Industries built Ensign is a boat that cannot sink due to positive floatation and has a “bulletproof” construction; your Ensign will last for many years.

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Custom Fiberglass Hatches, Consoles and Bait Wells, Sailboat Parts and Hulls

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