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Over 20 Years of Fiberglass Experience

In partnership with Holland Fiberglass & Restoration, LLC

Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities

Umbrellas That Can Help Create a Comfortable, Welcoming Environment

  • Manufactured from long-lasting, durable fiberglass materials
  • Stable in heavy winds
  • Doesn’t fade, even from the sun’s UV rays
  • Three-year workmanship guarantee that also covers cracking or peeling paint
  • Optional two-tone paint upgrade
  • 100+ colors to choose from
  • Commercial-grade urethane paint
  • Easy-to-clean surface

At STM Industries, our fiberglass umbrellas are designed to provide enough shade and comfort to give your residents a safe, relaxing outdoor space to enjoy. Plus, all our products are engineered to stand up to strong winds, eliminating the need to bring them indoors for most storms.

With every umbrella, you get your choice of an angled or straight 1½”-diameter pole, six or eight feet in length and powder-coated in black or white to protect it against rust and corrosion. While our umbrellas work with practically any commercial table, they are specifically designed to be installed with our Café 6 Seating Arrangement.

We include a three-year workmanship guarantee with all our umbrella products, which includes protection against cracking, peeling or fading paint.

Umbrella Products for Retirement and Assisted-Living Facilities: