Fiberglass Umbrellas - Canvas Umbrellas Comparison

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A long-term solution to your umbrella needs.

Fiberglass Umbrellas - Canvas Umbrellas Comparison

Fiberglass Umbrellas

sturdy fiberglass market umbrella
  • Better Value Due to Longevity
  • Umbrellas in service for over 15 years
  • Impact and Wind Resistant
  • High wind upgrade available for additional durability and strength
  • Paint Guaranteed for THREE Years not to Peel, Crack or Fade
  • Workmanship also Guaranteed for THREE Years
  • Does Not Rot, Corrode and Mildew washes off
  • No staff required to put up and take down daily
  • No need to take inside during inclement weather

Canvas Umbrellas

torn canvas umbrella
  • Less Sturdy, material chafes and tears on umbrella frame
  • Cannot be left up in high winds
  • Needs to be replaced periodically
  • Colors fade in sun
  • Staff time required daily (deploy and fold-up)

The Bottom Line is the cost; both in replacement cost and continuous staff time for deployment and daily folding. Our fiberglass umbrellas last for years compared to a seasonal purchase and look great. Amortize this out and you will easily see that…