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Over 20 Years of Fiberglass Experience

In partnership with Holland Fiberglass & Restoration, LLC

Paint and Gelcoat Comparison

Painted Fiberglass
  • Our Paint is Guaranteed for THREE Years NOT to Crack, Peel or Fade
  • Does not oxidize or corrode
  • Paint is also used as a sign paint - VERY DURABLE
  • Dirt and Mildew washes right off
  • Over 140 Color Choices
  • Better Value, Better Look
  • Paint used is an Acrylic Urethane
Gelcoated Fiberglass
  • Colors fade and dull with exposure to sun
  • Gelcoat turns chalky with oxidization
  • Gelcoat may crack (see photo)
  • Limited colors available

STM Industries takes the extra step of painting our solid fiberglass umbrellas. This allows us to offer over 140 color choices, giving us the ability to match any décor, color scheme, school colors, or company logo. Our umbrellas last for years compared to a seasonal purchase and look great.


Since 1883, PPG has manufactured the highest quality of industrial coatings for their customers. As a major supplier to the architectural signage industry, PPG works with fabricators, designers and architects in coating technologies and color development including a library expanding to more than 80,000 colors. PPG continues to lead the industry with environmentally minded products while maintaining high standards of performance.

In 2019, PPG launched their Delfleet line that allows us to offer a wide variety of color choices that will enhance and add to any color scheme. PPG engineered these next-generation coatings to deliver outstanding color matching, ease of use, increased productivity and the commercial transportation industry’s lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions for a premium paint system with full color capability.

This paint line is an acrylic urethane coating and is among the highest performing paint systems. Urethanes have superior abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, and are highly resistant to UV light degradation. Urethane chemistry is the industry standard since they retain their hard, durable finish and good-looking appearance for years.