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Over 20 Years of Fiberglass Experience

In partnership with Holland Fiberglass & Restoration, LLC

Why Us?

The STM Difference

We strive to be innovators, using cutting-edge technology in the field of composites while providing the highest quality fiberglass parts and service. For instance, we are the only manufacturer of solid fiberglass umbrellas that takes the additional step of adding a protective coating to our fiberglass umbrellas with a two-part catalyzed polyurethane paint which is guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade for three years.

Long Lasting Fiberglass Products - Enduring Value

Being in business since the early 1990s gives you more than experience, it gives you stories of satisfied customers. Customers who have come back after years of continuous usage. Customers such as Greenfield Union School District in Monterey County, CA, who purchased thirty-six of our Starburst 6’ Umbrellas in 2006. Twelve years later they came back to order twelve more! The Tastee Freeze in Ocoee, FL has had our umbrellas at their restaurant for over fifteen years. When they opened two new locations they came back to us to supply them their umbrellas. STM Umbrellas are perfect for outdoor locations where you want a permanent solution. Unlike other outdoor products, ours are virtually windproof and will withstand years of rugged use in the most extreme outdoor environment.

Custom Design – Innovation and Experience

If you need a manufacturing partner with the experience to make your products even better call us to discuss how we may help! Over the years we have made intricate pieces for Walt Disney World and Busch Gardens, rugged flume ride boats for Six Flags; highly specialized products for Honeywell; construction and architectural elements for Skanska and the IRS as well as assisting many other companies with design, mold building and high volume production with superb results.

Custom Restoration and Manufacturing

Visit our subsidiary company, Holland Fiberglass & Restoration to learn about our custom fiberglass works and restoration projects.