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In partnership with Holland Fiberglass & Restoration, LLC

High Wind Reinforcement Upgrade

heavy duty wind pole

High-Wind Upgrade Adds Stability to Your Umbrella.

  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel brackets provide added strength
  • High-wind upgrade is permanently installed at our plant
  • Eliminates the need to bring umbrellas indoors during most high-wind storms
  • Includes heavier-gauge steel pole for added reinforcement
  • Added fiberglass thickness for stability and strength
  • Three-year workmanship guarantee

Available for additional cost, our high-wind upgrade consists of heavy-duty gussets manufactured from reinforced steel and installed with additional fiberglass into the umbrella for added strength and stability. We also provide a heavier-gauge steel pole for the high-wind upgrade. This pole is at least twice as strong as our regular poles and adds better wind tolerances. With the added fiberglass, the additional thickness further adds to the stability and provides better tolerances to wind.

While our high-wind upgrade means you don’t have to pull the umbrellas indoors during many storms, we recommend removing them prior to extreme winds that typically accompany tropical storms or hurricanes.